Understand the Film Festival landscape, how to manage your submissions and how to explore online distribution opportunities. 

Este curso é oferecido em inglês em parceria com a International Academy of Film & Arts (IAFA), escola irmã da AIC nos Estados Unidos. Para se inscrever, clique no botão INSCREVA-SE e você será encaminhado ao site da IAFA.

Choosing what festivals to submit your short or feature film to can be very challenging, even for experienced filmmakers. Finding the right strategy can help define whether your film will make the cut and will be seen by larger audiences. It can open up to distribution opportunities and put you on the track for your next projects.

This course is designed to help filmmakers navigate the Film Festival landscape and understand the role of festivals in the filmmaking process. It covers both shorts and features. Students learn about different types of festivals and niches suitable for different genres, and how to create a festival strategy based on their project’s needs. Beyond festivals, the course explores online distribution opportunities as a way of reaching larger audiences.

Each week students can participate in a 1-hour class that is streamed LIVE, where they interact directly with the instructor and other classmates. Recorded files of the classes and supporting materials can be accessed at any time, enabling students to study at their own convenience. After each class, the student works on theoretical and practical exercises and receives feedback from the instructor. At the end of the course, students will have worked on a specific strategy for their projects. 


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